VCO20 – Small Business


Virtual Carbon Offsets for your business include a basic suite that offset your individual business costs including general Transportation, Facilities, and Office expenses. Keep in mind that the carbon footprint itemized here is generalized to the average office complex. For more information about the VCO20 – Small Business package, see description below. For a more detailed analysis please see our VCO for Enterprise section.


VCO20 is a good package for those small and medium sized businesses which have the following characteristics:

  • General
    • 20 Employees
    • $1.5M-$2.0M in revenues
    • 22500 sq ft of office floor space
  • Travel
    • 1 Fleet Vehicle
    • 10 round trips air travel (short haul) per year
    • 5 employees using public transit
    • 15 employees using own vehicle for commuting
  • Utilities
    • 14000 kWh/month electricity
    • 85,00 Cu.Ft/month natural gas
    • 4 Gal/month heating oil
    • 91 Cu.Yards/month waste (non-recycled)
  • Operations
    • 3 tons/month office supplies, consumables, waste water, cleaning fluids, and other incidentals.

Carbon Footprint:

  • 336 metric Tons / year
  • 28 metric Tons / month